Scott Surine

Scott Surine – Founder
Scott has been playing bass since 1971. At SUNY Binghamton, he studied music theory and composition. Since the ’70s, he has performed a wide variety of musical styles. In the mid ’80s, Scott received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at Arizona State University. After several years as a professional designer, he decided to combine his bass playing experience with his design knowledge and develop ergonomic basses that would function well for all styles of music.

Kenneth Lofquist

Kenneth Lofquist – Master Luthier
Kenneth has been building electric basses as well as electric and acoustic guitars since 1983. After several years in the Navy as an Aviation Electrician, Kenneth decided to go into luthiery to complement his years as a musician. Growing up in a family of woodworkers, his attention to detail, combined with his many years of guitar playing make Kenneth a natural luthier.