Me’Shell NdegeOcello: Surine Affinity Series I 5-String

Photo: Bass Player Magazine January 1999
Story: Bass Frontiers Magazine Volume 4 Number 2

Displayed with Permission of MusicPlayer, Inc. and Bass Frontiers Magazine
Photo Courtesy: Ebet Roberts

“There is a 5-string bass that I have which is also very special to me. I really don’t like 5-strings, but I was in New York at Manny’s Music and played this Surine 5-string which was great, and I bought it that day. I had never bought a bass immediately after playing it. I normally wait months. I love that bass. On the new album I play the Surine on the song “Free My Heart” which had the best tone. The low B-string doesn’t have that weird, phasey rumble. I love that bass.

Scott Surine, the guy who makes the Surine basses, is great to me. In fact, when I was in Denver visiting my parents-Scott lives in Denver-I had a problem and I had to play a show, so I went to his house and he let me play his own personal 4-string! He is just great to me.

So far, all the people in the bass industry have been good to me. The worst relationship was probably Gibson, but Modulus and Surine have been just so great in reference to making great instruments and fixing any problems that I might have had without any hassles.”