1982 – 1983
The SCIF (Surine Custom Interchangeable Fingerboard) was conceived, and prototyped. A utility patent application was submitted to the USPTO.

1991 – 1992
The first Surine bass was designed by Scott Surine, built by Kenneth Lofquist, and a new company, Surine Electric Basses, was born.

1999 – 2000
The first generation of the SONOVA Bass Bridge was designed, fabricated, and installed on a handful of basses.

2004 – Present
The Quest Performaxe (now NTVII), product line is launched. Built primarily by Scott Surine with the help of Kenneth Lofquist, this model combines the best of its predecessors.

Our basses are designed and crafted with performance in mind. The ergonomic needs for balance, neck playability, string spacing, pickup placement and electronics layout are all carefully planned and executed. With today’s demands for sonic versatility and durable construction, we create instruments that are a natural t for all musical genres.

We are passionate about what we do. It is our commitment to build instruments that deliver the ultimate experience in bass performance. From craftsmanship to playability, from sonic versatility to ergonomics, we strive to produce excellence. Furthermore, we strive to create elegantly styled instruments that play and sound as good as they look.

Our work is never done. We continually search for new and innovative solutions that further the function of the electric bass. For example, we were the first-to-market with the innovative removable ngerboard extension to access the concealed trusrods underneath. Other innovations include our headstock reinforcement on our Homage models, our ultra-versatile Sonova Bridge, and our “Integrated Soundhole” on our Regency models.

Through innovative design and quality craftsmanship, we strive to inspire our customers to, in-turn, inspire their audiences.