We typically require a 1/3 deposit to initiate the order and construction process, 1/3 once the bass is 50% completed, and the nal 1/3 once the bass is completed and ready to be shipped. Payments may be made via PayPal, check, money order, or wire transfer. A Payment Receipt is emailed to you indicating the amount paid and balance due after each payment. Progress photos at various stages of construction are also emailed to you for accuracy and quality assurance.

Turnaround Time
Typically, we require approximately 6 months from start to nish. Occassionally more time is required depending upon our schedule, availability of the wood choices, and other special requests, such as custom inlay designs or components not standardly used.

Refunds are not offered for dollar amounts already applied to instruments in progress.

A Warranty is provided for each instrument and is valid only for the initial purchasing customer.

Surine Basses makes every effort to produce the best product possible. Each instrument is meticulously hand-made with passion, integrity, and full intent to honor our customers’ specic requests.

It is in this spirit, Surine Basses offers to the original end-user purchaser a lifetime warranty on the instrument’s construction with manufacturers’ warranties on electronics and hardware. Failure of electronics and/or hardware are warranted only by the appropriate manufacturers. If your instrument should fail due to construction defect, return it to the retailer from which you purchased the instrument. The degree of liability is assessed on an individual basis and is as determined by Surine Basses.

Periodic maintenance checkups are not under warranty, such as set-ups, neck-relief adjustments, string replacements, electronics rewiring, etc. This warranty also does not cover climate-affecting issues, such as neck-warp, neck-bow, non-uniform shrinkage of woods, and wood cracks. This warranty is not transferable and is void upon the sale or gift to an individual or party other than its original end-user purchaser.

If an instrument is returned for repair or replacement, please include your name, proof of purchase, and a copy of this warranty, along with a statement regarding the symptoms of the defect.