The Quest is an ergonomically designed instrument with performance in mind. Its sleek and asymmetrical bodystyle makes it a natural fit for all styles of music. Its reduced-size headstock, slender neck profile and elongated upper horn enhance the balance of the instrument, for both standing and sitting positions. Its large double-cutaways allow total access to the upper register. The original design included a 31-fret fingerboard extension that extends the upper register to a perfect 5th above the second octave. The neck pickup is positioned away from the end of the fingerboard to accommodate slapstyle technique. The bridge pickup is positioned under specific harmonics to achieve superior fingerstyle tone. The electronics are configured to provide maximum versatility within a simple and unobtrusive layout.

To discover more about each of the three available levels of construction, click on one of the level designations above and then on the string configuration that interests you.